Recognising Amphetamine Addiction Symptoms

Those who abuse amphetamines often do so because they are hooked on the effects of the drug. This is a drug that can make users feel very alert and full of energy, and many amphetamine addicts will continue to abuse the drug until they have no more access to it or until they have completely burnt themselves out and just collapse. Amphetamine addiction symptoms include severe weight loss and malnourishment because users rarely eat or sleep.

As you can imagine, with the need to keep taking the drug, amphetamines are highly profitable for dealers and manufacturers. Many of those who make drugs such as amphetamines are doing so in meth-style labs across the UK and other countries.

Drug Seizure

In fact, two British men have been arrested in Spain after police in that country managed to dismantle a ‘Breaking Bad’ style lab where they seized ten kilos of amphetamines, 8,700 LSD tablets, and 17,000 Benzodiazepine tablets.

Operation Postal Kit, as it was known, saw Spanish police raid a property in a Spanish industrial estate in the Bizkaia province. Officers have revealed that the drugs were being sent by post from the lab to destinations all over the world including the US, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.

A spokesperson for the Civil Guard said, “The Civil Guard, within the framework of Operation Postal Kit developed in Bizkaia, has arrested two British nationals who were trafficking new psychoactive substances.”

He said that police had located a warehouse and found that it had been used as a secret lab from which various illegal drugs were being distributed. He added, “After the interception of several envelopes left in a post box close to the industrial estate, it was confirmed they contained psychoactive substances. The warehouse was raided, and thousands of drugs seized along with other material including invoices, weighing scales, masks and other equipment needed for the handling of the illegal substances.”

Effects of Amphetamines

Amphetamines are very powerful stimulant drugs. Those who take them may find that their heart rate speeds up as does their breathing; it also raises blood pressure and causes dry mouth and dilated pupils.

Amphetamine abusers can party for hours without the need to eat or sleep. However, the desire to prolong the high means that users often continue to take the drug until their body cannot take anymore. Amphetamine addicts commonly binge-use the drug, which can have lasting damage to both physical and mental health.

Amphetamine users often experience agitation, irritability and panic attacks. Protracted use can result in an amphetamine-linked psychosis, where users may experience hallucinations or delusions.

Developing an Amphetamine Addiction

Since users tend to want the effects of amphetamines to continue indefinitely, there is a high risk of addiction with this substance. The more amphetamine a person takes, the more tolerant he or she will become to it, meaning that each time this person uses the drug, he/she will need more of it to achieve the desired effect.

This can lead to an amphetamine addiction that can have a devastating impact on that individual’s life. If you are worried about a loved one and believe that he or she may have a problem with this drug, there are a number of amphetamine addiction symptoms you can look out for.

You may notice that the affected person appears to have a lot of energy and may be very alert and overly happy. If so, then look out for other symptoms such as rapid breathing, dilated pupils and a loss of appetite. You could also notice that he or she is displaying a feeling of being quite hot and complains of a dry mouth.

If you do notice any of these amphetamine addiction symptoms, it is time to act. Early intervention is the key to success when it comes to treatment and recovery with any type of addiction.

Accessing Treatments

Amphetamine addiction symptoms can be confused with symptoms of other illnesses, but if you also notice common addiction symptoms such as a loss of interest in things that used to be enjoyed or money problems, then it may be time to seek help from an external source.

At, we are here not only for those with addiction problems but also for their family members. We understand that it is often the case that loved ones realise a problem exists before the person with the addiction is ready to accept help.

We know that things may be tough for you right now, so we are here to help. We are staffed by professional counsellors, therapists and support staff, many of whom have had their own addiction issues in the past.

We know that we are the right people in terms of helping you to understand the illness that is addiction, so we would encourage you to get in touch today. We can provide you with advice regarding getting a loved one into treatment as well as support for yourself during this tough period. Call today for more information.

Source: Two Brits are arrested in Spain after police find 8,700 LSD tablets and 10 kilos of amphetamines in ‘Breaking Bad’ style lab (Daily Mail)

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