Why Invest in Alcohol Treatment?

14 February 2018

Alcohol is a substance that is enjoyed by most adults in the UK; it is present at most social gatherings and it is even ...

Who Pays for Drug Addiction Treatment

01 February 2018

There are many reasons some people fail to get help when they realise they have a drug addiction. For some it is down to...

How Alcohol Addiction is Treated

17 January 2018

Alcohol is a substance that the majority of UK adults consume to some extent. It is a major part of Western culture and ...

Where to Go for Drug Addiction Help

04 January 2018

Across the UK, drug misuse is an issue. According to stats for 2015/2016 published by the NHS, 8.4 per cent of adults ad...

What to Do After Addiction Treatment

17 December 2017

Overcoming any type of addiction requires a great deal of strength and determination. If you have managed to make it thr...

What is Alcohol Detox Treatment?

10 December 2017

The question of what is alcohol detox treatment is one that many people want to know the answer to before thinking about...

Why Drug Addiction Happens

22 November 2017

To understand why drug addiction happens, it is important to understand more about the illness. In fact, understanding t...

20 November 2017

Alcohol is a commonly used substance in the UK, with most adults consuming it to some extent. However, while most people...

What Does Alcohol Detox Entail and Do You Need One?

11 November 2017

People who need help for alcohol addiction often delay getting treatment because they are worried about what an alcohol ...

The Truth about Heroin Addiction

27 October 2017

Although the number of people using heroin in the UK has been steadily decreasing in recent years as the drug has fallen...

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