Alcohol Support: Where to Find It

Those who drink alcohol in moderation may not understand what it means to have an alcohol addiction. They do not comprehend why some people continue to drink alcohol when it is causing harm to themselves and others. They are of the opinion that these people should simply stop drinking to solve their problems. If only it were that easy; for the millions of individuals around the world who have been affected by alcoholism, quitting is the hardest part. Many need good alcohol support in order to overcome their illness.

What is Alcoholism?

If you have never had any experience with alcoholism, you may be one of those people who believe that alcoholics should just ‘stop drinking’. It is easy to judge if this deadly illness has never affected you or your family.

Most people never drink to get drunk; they have a glass or two of wine with a meal and then drink no more. However, some individuals regularly drink alcohol, and they drink until they are intoxicated. Then there are those who have not even realised they have become physically dependent on the substance. It is very easy to cross the line from moderate drinking to habitual drinking. Instead of having one glass of wine with dinner, that glass becomes two, and then a whole bottle. Those who drink a bottle of wine every night are certainly within the realms of addiction. Many do not even notice they are drinking more than they used to. Until they actually sit back and examine their drinking habits, they may not realise that drinking has become more of a habit than something they consciously choose to do.

Increased tolerance to alcohol and physical dependence are elements of alcoholism. Nevertheless, when a person no longer has any control over his or her drinking or the ability to stop drinking, he or she has developed an addiction. The individual will continue to drink despite the negative consequences. When drinking begins to affect their quality of life, he/she is said to be addicted.

Overcoming Alcoholism

The hardest part of overcoming alcoholism for many people is admitting the problem exists in the first place. A large number of individuals with alcoholism cannot see the signs in themselves and think that concerned family members and friends are exaggerating the problem. In their minds, they could not be an alcoholic as they do not stagger around all day drunk, and they are still going to work. Surely that means they can’t be classed as an alcoholic?

Unfortunately, alcoholism affects individuals in different ways. Some people do fit the stereotype of an alcoholic, but the vast majority do not. Nonetheless, they all need alcohol support and assistance to overcome their illness.

Support is probably the most important part of recovering from alcoholism. Those with good support from their family members and friends tend to do better than those with a chaotic family environment. That is not to say that those without family support cannot get better. Alcohol support comes in many forms. As well as support from family and friends, many alcoholics rely on the support of their counsellor, therapist, sponsor or members of their fellowship group.

Types of Alcohol Support

Support from family members and friends can go a long way to ensuring the success of an individual’s alcohol recovery. Knowing that the people you love, support you and will do everything in their power to help you overcome your illness can be enough to keep you on the straight and narrow while recovering from alcoholism. Alcohol support from family members may mean that they will pull together while you are receiving treatment to ensure that your children are cared for. It may also mean that they take care of other responsibilities in the home and will support you by not drinking in your presence during your early recovery.

Alcohol support also comes from staff at the centre where a person is receiving treatment. This is vital, and something that most recovering alcoholics need to get better. A good clinic will have experienced staff who are there to offer constant support to the patients in their care. It is very difficult to overcome addiction, but with the right support, it is a possibility for everyone. Even those who have what can be considered to be severe alcoholism can get better as long as they have good support.

Fellowship groups are another excellent source of alcohol support. Most rehab clinics incorporate some elements of twelve step work into their programmes because they know the importance of support for their patients. Many will encourage their patients to join a local fellowship group where they can share their experiences and stories with other recovering alcoholics.

Although many balk at the idea of opening up to strangers about their experiences, most will find that after they get used to the group and begin listening to others talking about their recovery journeys, they are ready and more than willing to share too. Talking to others who have similar experiences is very therapeutic and can help with the healing process.

Recovering alcoholics who continue to attend fellowship support meetings long term benefit greatly. This source of alcohol support is essential for many in terms of maintaining their sobriety. Knowing they always have somewhere to go and a group of people to turn to when things get tough is a vital element of alcohol recovery.

The Importance of Good Alcohol Support

Here at, we understand the importance of alcohol support for those in recovery. Overcoming an addiction alone is very difficult. It is important to have others around you who are willing to help you through this tough period in your life.

We work with dedicated professionals around the UK and abroad who also understand the importance of support when it comes to successful recovery. We will provide you with a full assessment of your illness before referring you to a suitable provider where you will be given first class care and support throughout your recovery journey. Contact us today for more information on how we can help.

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