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At we work with all types of rehabs throughout the United Kingdom and worldwide. Surprisingly enough there are rehabs in small towns and villages around the country there maybe one close to you. It is worth considering what are important factors when choosing a rehab, also the different types of rehab. Each type of rehab meets specific needs of the client however it may be best to get some help making the decision on what is going to be best for your recovery.

Private Rehab

Private rehabs can you give you the chance you need to work through your addiction and find long-term recovery. They are often set in peaceful serene environments that are conducive to your recovery. They are fully residential, work with various different programmes, methodologies and usually offer a holistic person-centred approach to getting well. This means they asses your needs, and offer different approaches to see what works best for you, you get the best treatment available, rather than a one size fits all approach.

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient rehab is far less intensive, it allows you to go about your daily life and get treatment also. You would visit a centre or specified location to receive your treatment, attend groups and have a look at your addiction, helping you to find new ways, tools to live a sober life moving forward. You would probably attend up to 12 hours a week. Outpatient rehab is often much cheaper but has a much smaller success rate. Due to the risk of being in the community, around old peers and using haunts, people often don’t take it seriously enough. Addiction to alcohol or drugs is a serious life threatening issue and should be treated as such.

NHS Rehab

On the UK’s NHS everyone is entitled to free help. The pitfalls of this are often that it can take weeks, months to get in anywhere if at all. Often the assessments are based on how high a risk you are and how much you need help. However, sometimes it’s not the case that people with depression from alcohol use or drug use are showing physical signs of being in a bad place and are not given the same chance. You also have little say where you will go, and what sort of treatment programme they offer, if it will be of use to you. Also often people are put in for detox without any form of rehab, removing the physical aspect of the problem in our experience is short lived.

Quasi Residential Rehab

This type of rehab was invented to make residential care more affordable. Often the rehabilitation will take place at a different location to the place you will stay. You’re put up in sober housing sharing with other people going through the programme and then attend a treatment centre for daytime treatment. Youre often to attend meetings of Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics anonymous in the evenings to help support your recovery. This type of rehab has different levels of success, depending on your commitment and experiences. It is usually not good if you need medical care of have secondary mental health issues.

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