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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centres in Bolton

There are many reasons people choose to use alcohol or drugs; some like the feelings these substances produce while others rely on them to make them feel better. Since drugs and alcohol are mood-altering substances, they can provide temporary relief for those struggling to deal with a range of emotions. However, the important thing to remember is that the relief these provide is temporary. Drugs and alcohol are both highly addictive, and those who abuse these substances are in danger of developing addictions that could destroy their lives. This is a problem that affects individuals all over the UK and in Bolton, drug and alcohol abuse blight many lives. That is the reason it is so necessary that those affected can access drug and alcohol rehab in Bolton as and when they need it.

It is estimated that around fifty per cent of drug users in the town are already accessing treatment for their addictions, but there are many more who still have not reached out for help. This could be because they have not yet realised the extent of their problems, or that they do not know where to turn. helps people all over the country to access treatments for drug and alcohol addiction. If you need help to access alcohol or drug rehab in Bolton, give us a call today.

The Need for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Bolton

Drugs and alcohol can have a devastating effect on the lives of those directly affected. It is quite common for individuals suffering from addiction to spiral out of control and lose everything they hold dear. If their addiction is severe, they may put it above all else in their life, including jobs, homes, families and friends. This obviously means that the addiction will have a knock-on effect on those closest to them.

Nevertheless, it is important that we realise the effect that drug and alcohol abuse can have on the wider community. It is estimated that for every one person with addiction, another five are negatively affected.

For example, a large percentage of violent crimes are committed by those under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and these substances are often linked to anti-social behaviour. Those affected by addiction may also turn to crimes such as shoplifting, theft and burglary to fund their addictions. This means that entire communities are affected.

Another way that drug and alcohol can affect the wider community is the burden they place on the National Health Service. With alcohol and drugs responsible for the majority of hospital admissions every single year, the NHS is at breaking point as it struggles to deal with drug- and alcohol-related illnesses and injuries. It is necessary, therefore, that rehab in Bolton and other parts of the country is available to those affected by addiction. The more people who get help for their addictions, the less impact these substances will have on the health service and the police, meaning everyone will benefit.

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Call Now: 0203 553 0324

Call Now: 0203 553 0324

Call Now: 0203 553 0324

Helping a Loved One into Rehab

We often find that family members contact us about a loved one who clearly has a problem with drugs or alcohol but who is unable to see it for themselves. This is very common, as those with the addiction are often the last to realise.

When drugs and alcohol are providing relief, it is not unheard of for those affected by addiction to believe that these substances are the only good things in their life. Many cannot see that it is the drugs and alcohol that are causing their problems. They are unwilling to even entertain the idea that they have an addiction, which can be very frustrating for their loved ones.

If you are worried about someone you love, give us a call here at We are here to help not only those with an addiction but also their loved ones. We know the difficulties faced by family members and friends when it comes to encouraging a relative or friend to get help, but we can provide advice and information on the various providers of alcohol and drug rehab in all areas of the country.

We can also offer advice on how to stage a family intervention, which may prove very effective when trying to get a loved one to accept the diagnosis of ‘addict’. If you prefer, we can put you in touch with a professional interventionist who will be able to arrange a family intervention and lead the process for you.


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    What to Expect from Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Bolton?

    Drug and alcohol rehab is provided by organisations including the NHS, private clinics, local support groups and charities. These providers offer inpatient and outpatient programmes to suit the needs of the individual. can help when it comes to connecting you or a loved one with the most suitable provider.

    You may be wondering what rehab in Bolton entails; in most instances, it will mean a programme of detoxification followed by a treatment programme in an outpatient or inpatient facility. Detox is the process that takes place before rehab can begin and is when the addict quits the substance that he or she is addicted to. While the toxins and chemicals are expelled from the body, various withdrawal symptoms can occur, which can be mild to severe in intensity. For the safest and most comfortable detox, a supervised facility is recommended.

    After detox, rehabilitation can begin. With an inpatient programme, the patient will stay in the clinic for up to eight weeks and will be provided with an intensive and structured programme daily. Outpatient programmes vary in length and weekly treatment hours, but patients are not required to stay overnight.

    The type of treatment programme you choose will depend on preferences and needs. When you contact us here at, we will assess your circumstances and advise you on the most suitable rehab in Bolton for your needs.

    Source: Drug and Alcohol Treatment Needs Assessment 2011/12

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