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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centres in London

Drug and alcohol addiction in London is pervasive. As a resident, you know this all too well. That might be why you are visiting our website today. You may be among those whose lives are being controlled by substance abuse or addiction. If so, we want you to know that help is available. Drug and alcohol rehab in London is available in the form of private rehab clinics. The NHS offers some limited services of course, and there are also programmes available through private counsellors and charities. It is a matter of finding something that will work for you.

The issue of substance abuse and addiction is one that needs to be addressed in order to lessen the negative impact it has, not only on the affected individuals and their families, but also on society as a whole. The consequences of substance abuse are felt across the country, particularly when it comes to crime and health. It is necessary, therefore, that those affected by substance abuse issues can access alcohol and drug rehab in London and beyond.

At, it is our mission to connect addicts and their families with the organisations that provide a variety of treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy, individual counselling and group therapy. These treatments are designed to help people with addiction to identify the cause of their behaviour and to help them move on to a drug- or alcohol-free life.

NHS Rehab in London

It’s no secret that the NHS has facilities scattered all over the city. Some of these facilities offer rehab services for drug and alcohol abusers, whether they show up by themselves or are referred by a doctor. The advantage of NHS rehab is that it costs nothing out of pocket. Any London resident could avail him or herself of free rehab services.

On the downside, being free also means that NHS services are oversubscribed. Just getting into a programme in the capital can take weeks. In the meantime, someone in desperate need of help might be given a prescription medication and sent on his/her way to seek out a support group that will hopefully get him/her through until treatment begins.

From our perspective, this is not the best way to help drug and alcohol addicts. It is far better to get them into a treatment programme as soon as they make the decision to be treated, rather than forcing them to wait several weeks. In fact, waiting for treatment all but guarantees the patient will go right back to the destructive behaviour he or she is trying to escape.

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Call Now: 0203 553 0324

Call Now: 0203 553 0324

Call Now: 0203 553 0324

Private Alcohol Rehab

A much better approach to drug or alcohol addiction is private rehab. More specifically, residential rehab is what we are talking about. A residential rehab programme provided by a private clinic gives the drug or alcohol abuser the greatest chances of success by offering treatment in an environment that is optimal for recovery.

Private residential treatment is the best of all options because it offers:

  • Very Few Distractions – It can be incredibly difficult to undergo treatment for drugs or alcohol when a person returns home every evening. There are far too many distractions that can prevent the patient from giving him/herself fully to recovery. In residential treatment, distractions are not a problem. Residential environments are tightly controlled to make sure patients can concentrate 100% on getting well.
  • Specialist Treatments – Private rehab centres tend to excel in drug and alcohol treatment because that is what they specialise in. They do nothing else. They don’t have to allocate resources to other things; doctors and nurses do not have to treat patients not dealing with substance abuse issues; therapies can be directed solely toward substance abuse recovery.
  • Bespoke Treatments – Hand-in-hand with specialist treatments are the bespoke treatment plans developed for each client. Rather than sending every patient through the same treatment that may or may not work, private clinics individualise treatment according to need.
  • 24-Hour Care – What truly separates residential treatment at a private clinic from all other options is the care provided 24 hours a day. As long as a patient remains a resident of the treatment facility, he or she has around-the-clock access to medical care, counselling, and support. The addict is never left alone to fend for him/herself during a stay.

We understand that our clients have choices in every aspect of their lives. We aim to give them choices regarding drug and alcohol rehab in London as well. We only ask the opportunity to provide a comprehensive assessment that will enable us to determine what treatments are most likely to be successful in each case. Ultimately, we let the client decide what course of action to take.


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There are various types of rehab centres available in London, including inpatient alcohol rehab, luxury alcohol rehab, and private drug rehabs.

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      Call Now 0203 553 0324

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    Why You Need Alcohol and Drug Rehab

    Our role as a referral organisation is to help you figure out whether you need professional treatment for drugs or alcohol. If you do, we can also refer you to an alcohol or drug rehab in London commensurate with your need. But our services alone will not be enough to help you overcome your problem. You have to make the decision to contact us and, if necessary, to undergo professional treatment. The problems you are now experiencing won’t fix themselves; you have to actively be part of the solution.

    We obviously have no way of knowing what you are struggling with unless we have an opportunity to talk with you. But we do know that drugs and alcohol are powerful substances that can quickly create addiction in people from all walks of life. We have seen it so many times. A person begins drinking or using with a very casual attitude, assuming that he or she can handle it. But one drink (or pill, hit, smoke, etc.) leads to another and then another. Without even knowing what is happening, the substance abuser gets hooked.

    We know you did not set out to become an addict. No one ever does. But we also know that once a person is addicted, the condition is nearly impossible to overcome without professional treatment. You are no exception. You need help. We have access to various providers of rehab in London and beyond. Will you let us help you?

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