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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centres in Bristol

Substance misuse is responsible for harm to individuals, their families and their communities, and it is a problem across all areas of the UK, including Bristol. It has been suggested that the epidemic of drugs and alcohol is not as severe in the city as in other places. Whether that is true or not, we do know that alcohol, cannabis, ecstasy, and cocaine are the most commonly used substances in the area. Fewer numbers of people use heroin and crack. Alcohol abuse is also a problem and accounts for a high number of hospital admissions every single year. It will come as no surprise then to hear that drug and alcohol rehab in Bristol is a vital service.

What about you? Are you visiting our website because you are struggling with drugs or alcohol? If so, you have come to the right place. Treatment for substance abuse and addiction is available from providers of alcohol and drug rehab in Bristol and the surrounding areas via private clinics, the NHS, and other treatment providers. Our mission is to help those who contact us connect with the right treatment provider. We can help you as well. Counsellors are standing by right now to speak with you. We are here to answer your questions, provide sound advice, and get you started on the road to recovery.

How Rehab in Bristol Can Reduce Harm

We have had many opportunities to work with clients and their families trying to overcome substance abuse and addiction. Through our experience, we have come to understand how harmful substance abuse can be. It is harmful to physical and mental health, relationships, finances, and nearly every aspect of life. The good news is that much of the harm can be reversed if the substance abuser is willing to undergo treatment.

A comprehensive treatment programme addresses both the physical and psychological aspects of abuse and addiction. This is necessary because drugs and alcohol affect both physical and mental health. In terms of the physical, treatment begins with some sort of detox programme designed to help the individual stop using altogether. The psychological harm of substance abuse and addiction are addressed through numerous rehab therapies.

Why seek rehab in Bristol? Because the consequences of not doing so can be devastating. People who abuse substances long-term tend to become addicts at some point. Furthermore, alcohol and drug addiction are known to cause:

  • health problems (heart disease, liver disease, cancer, etc.)
  • psychological problems (depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, etc.)
  • broken relationships – especially where spouses and children are concerned
  • financial ruin, including loss of income due to loss of a job
  • isolation and despair
  • loss of all hope for the future.

The harm of substance abuse and addiction is very real. Even if you don’t feel as though any harm is being done, the effects of drugs or alcohol on your mind and body are there. Those harmful effects will eventually catch up with you at some point. Your only option for preventing further harm is professional treatment.

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Call Now: 0203 553 0324

Call Now: 0203 553 0324

Call Now: 0203 553 0324

Options for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Bristol

As an organisation, we are devoted to refer our clients to any provider that we believe is best suited to their requirements. Perhaps you are a long-term alcoholic who has been battling the bottle for years now. Call us so that we can connect you with a residential rehab clinic offering specialised treatment for alcoholics. The residential clinic might be just what you need to overcome your alcoholism.

Maybe alcohol is not your thing; maybe you are struggling with crack or amphetamines. You can call us as well. We can help you figure out what’s going on so that we can recommend the best possible treatment programme. It could be that an outpatient programme combined with support and counselling is all you need to get well.

The point to understand is that there are multiple treatment options in terms of alcohol and drug rehab in Bristol. We do not settle for a one-size-fits-all approach applied to every client who contacts us. Instead, we take the time to learn and understand what our clients are going through. We make every effort to recommend the best possible treatment that guarantees the greatest chances of a full and complete recovery.

Among the many treatment options in the city, we might recommend:

  • Private Residential – Private residential treatment tends to be the most effective for long-term addicts. Clients enrol in a treatment programme that can take between 6 and 12 weeks, followed by several months of aftercare services. Clients reside at the clinic for the duration of treatment.
  • Private or Public Outpatient – Outpatient treatment can be provided by both private clinics and their public counterparts operated by the NHS. Some of our clients prefer outpatient treatment because they can return home at the end of the day.
  • Home Treatment – Clients unable to access either private residential or outpatient treatment may qualify for home treatment. Although home treatment is not the norm, it can be effective under the right conditions.

All of the treatment options include a range of counselling therapies intended to address the mental and emotional aspects of addiction. Counselling may occur one-on-one, in a group setting, or through a combination of both. Trained therapists evaluate each client to determine what kind of counselling would be best. You should expect to undergo at least some counselling as you strive to get well.


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There are verious types of rehab centres available in Bristol, including NHS alcohol rehab, luxury addiction rehab, and private counselling centres.

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