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Drug and alcohol rehab in West Yorkshire

Addiction really can destroy lives: not only the life of the person who has the addiction but also those of their friends and family. If you are suffering from a substance addiction, it is so important to realise that you are not alone. There are incredible rehab centres in West Yorkshire that can help you to overcome your dependencies and get your life back on track. Drug and alcohol rehab in West Yorkshire can provide the best treatment no matter what your circumstances. Whether you are in need of drug rehab, alcohol rehab or both, there are people who can help.

Types of addiction treatment and rehab programmes in West Yorkshire

With both outpatient treatment in West Yorkshire and inpatient treatment in West Yorkshire, you will have a huge choice between different treatment centres and programmes. Knowing which treatment clinics will best facilitate your recovery will require some research and understanding of the main advantages and disadvantages of the different rehab options available to you.

Outpatient addiction treatment (day rehab)

One popular option which many people choose is outpatient treatment (otherwise known as day rehab). This is an appealing choice because when you undergo drug and alcohol addiction treatment at day rehab, you don’t need to stay in the centre overnight. Many people see this as a preferable option, because it allows them to go home and look after their children or continue in their job during the course of their programme. Outpatient treatment does have a major disadvantage, however, in that every night when you return to your normal home environment, there may be addictive triggers which can lead to a relapse. The treatment also takes a much longer time to complete, not only as it is divided into scheduled appointments throughout the year, but because of the distractions at home which pull focus away from recovery techniques.

Inpatient addiction treatment (residential rehab)

So that you are not continuously exposed to your addictive triggers, it is usually advisable to undergo comprehensive inpatient treatment at one of the excellent residential rehab centres in West Yorkshire. Checking into an addiction treatment centre where you are able to stay throughout the course of your recovery programme and focus purely on your treatment programme can significantly increase your chances of a successful recovery. The highly-rated residential rehab centres offer top-quality food and accommodation, so you will feel right at home from day one and will be comfortable for the duration of your stay.

Why inpatient rehab?

In addition to the opportunity to immerse yourself in your treatment, inpatient rehab offers many other benefits compared to day rehab. Every client will receive a mixture of therapies which are specially chosen to provide the best results. These will consist of one-to-one therapy sessions, group sessions and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). When you choose private inpatient rehab, you will have the choice between various clinics in West Yorkshire and further afield. To help you make that choice, there are independent CQC ratings which are given by the impartial Care Quality Commission and are based on everything from the variety of treatments to the standard of food. The support of loved ones can be so important in clients making a successful recovery, and so some residential rehab centres offer dedicated sessions in which families can discuss their feelings as part of more comprehensive family support programmes, designed to help loved ones through the rehab process.

What should I expect from a detox in West Yorkshire?

Detox is a very important step in addiction recovery because it will enable you to clear your system of all the addictive substances. This can be a dangerous process which can lead to serious withdrawal symptoms, so you should never do it without speaking to a medical professional first.

Medical detox

When you are first admitted to a residential rehab centre, you will be fully assessed by the experienced medical team, who will decide whether you are at danger of severe detox withdrawal symptoms. If you are judged to be at risk, you will most likely be advised to undergo medical detox with the assistance of special drugs and with round-the-clock medical care. Medical drug or alcohol detox is only available to inpatients as it requires supervision twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, which is not possible as an outpatient. Patients undergoing free addiction treatment at day rehab will need to wait for one of the limited NHS beds to become available if they require medication and supervision during their alcohol or drug detox. This can leave people waiting a long time to start their treatment, which can exacerbate their addiction or cause them to relapse while they are waiting for a bed.

Drug and alcohol rehab programme

Every rehab centre in West Yorkshire has its own tried-and-tested recovery approach which has been proven to help people overcome their addictions. Most centres will follow a 12-step programme or a non-12-step programme, with a mixture of one-to-one therapy, group therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). It is important to offer a combination because clients react more positively to different treatment programmes. You should aim to stay in treatment for at least four weeks so that you can complete the first few steps of your programme. This will give you the best chance of long-term recovery after leaving rehab.

Is rehab free?

The NHS offers free addiction treatment services to outpatients, but unfortunately there are few spaces available. These clinics will usually accept self-referral, but you may be directed to a detox programme instead. Try speaking to the charity Turning Point if you want to undergo residential care but cannot afford it.

Free addiction treatment services in West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire has excellent free addiction treatment services which can help you on your road to recovery. Connect with your local Alcoholics Anonymous to meet other people going through the same process.

The downside to free services

While good intentioned, cuts in government spending have left free addiction services with their hands tied. The NHS cannot offer the same holistic treatment which is available through private care, and even the outpatient treatment they do provide is considerably limited in terms of spaces and appointment availability. One of the major benefits of outpatient treatment should be that you can fit it around your schedule, but this is not easy for most people these days.

The benefits of residential rehab in West Yorkshire

  • A fully immersive treatment approach so clients can focus on recovery
  • Fantastic accommodation and food so clients are comfortable during their stay
  • A combination of different types of therapy for maximum results
  • Fully assisted medical detox available for clients at risk of severe detox withdrawal symptoms
  • Family support sessions to help clients’ loved ones
  • Immediate admission so that clients can start their treatment straight away
  • Full aftercare and continued support after clients leave rehab
  • A choice of rehab clinics with independent CQC ratings available
  • Access to aftercare and the Alumni Network post-rehab for continued support

What happens after a rehab programme?

You may be feeling both excited and nervous after you complete your rehab programme and leave the clinic, but there will be a dedicated team by your side to help you adjust.

Aftercare programmes

Our private clinics offer clients the highest standard of aftercare on completion of their rehab programme, including group therapy sessions and opportunities to contact others who are on their own recovery journeys through our Alumni Network.

Support groups

West Yorkshire has some fantastic support groups which help so many people in the local area. To help with your recovery, try connecting with some of these groups and you will be able to give and receive much-needed peer support:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
Cocaine Anonymous (CA)
SMART Recovery

Long-term recovery from addiction

With the right mindset and intentions, long-term recovery from addiction is a real possibility for everyone. After you have taken the first huge step of applying for rehab, our dedicated team will help to guide and support you in finding the right rehab to begin your journey to recovery and starting a new life.

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Featured Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in West Yorkshire

There are various types of rehab centres available in West Yorkshire, including inpatient alcohol rehab, luxury alcohol rehab, and private drug rehabs.

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