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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centres in Hertfordshire

While most people are aware of the effect that addiction can have on the individual, those with no experience of this illness often fail to realise the impact it can have on family members, friends, the wider community, and the economy. Substance abuse can lead to poor health, criminal behaviour, family breakdowns, unemployment, poverty, homelessness, and premature death. This is a problem that is occurring all over the UK. If you live in Hertfordshire, it is happening where you live too. Despite the obvious harm caused by alcohol and drug abuse, it can all be avoided through abstinence. At Recovery.org.uk, we are helping to minimise this harm by putting affected individuals in touch with drug and alcohol rehabs in Hertfordshire and across the rest of the country.

While alcohol is a substance that tends to cause the most harm to users and society, drugs are also a problem in all areas of the country. In fact, in Hertfordshire, the number of 40-to-55-year-olds in treatment for drug addiction has doubled since 2005/2006. It is important to point out here that while many people in the county are already receiving treatment for their addictions, countless others are still struggling alone. It is our mission to make sure that those affected by these illnesses can quickly and easily access drug rehab in Hertfordshire when they are ready to reach out.

Do You Need Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Hertfordshire?

One thing we often find in the course of our work is the fact that many individuals do not realise how serious their illnesses actually are. We tend to get a high volume of calls from concerned loved ones who believe a family member is in need of help for addiction. Many of these people tell us that the person they are worried about is either unable or unwilling to accept that they have an issue.

If you are reading this article because a loved one has suggested that you might have a problem, then we urge you to contact our helpline today. It could very well be that your concerned loved one is worried for no reason, but it is unlikely.

For others to suggest you may have a problem, you are likely to be displaying signs and symptoms of addiction. It is usual for individuals in your position to believe that loved ones are exaggerating. This is known as denial and is a common characteristic of addiction.

If you are worried about your drug-taking or drinking, contact us and we can provide a free assessment that will help us determine whether you need alcohol or drug rehab in Hertfordshire or not.

Why Detox is Necessary Before Rehab

If you do require rehab in Hertfordshire, we can help. It is our mission to work closely with those in need of addiction services to ensure that they can connect with the various treatment providers in their area. In most instances, rehab cannot begin until you are free from drugs or alcohol, and the best way to achieve this is through a medically supervised detox programme.

Detoxing from alcohol and drugs can be complicated and can lead to a variety of withdrawal symptoms that can range from mild to severe. The type and intensity of symptoms that a person will experience cannot be predicted, and because some symptoms could even end up being life-threatening, it is always wise to detox under close supervision from a medical professional.

The aim of detox is as follows:

  • To help the addict quit the substance to which he or she has been dependent on
  • To allow the body to expel all chemicals and toxins and start the process of healing itself
  • To facilitate the body in its attempts to restore normal function.

Detox generally takes between seven and ten days, after which time, the individual will be ready to move on to rehab.

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Call Now: 0203 553 0324

Call Now: 0203 553 0324

Call Now: 0203 553 0324

After Detox: Rehab in Hertfordshire

This is a question that many of our clients ask us. The aim of detox is to deal with the physical aspect of the illness. However, there is so much more to recovery than just quitting drugs or alcohol. Addiction can affect more than just the physical body, and many fail to comprehend the fact that this is an illness that also has a detrimental effect on the mind.

While some individuals complete a programme of detox and never follow up with a rehab programme, it is important to point out that the risk of relapse for them will be much higher than someone who has completed a full programme of detox and rehabilitation.

It is just as important to address the psychological issues relating to addiction as it is to address the physical. Without some form of counselling and therapy, the issues that led to the addictive behaviour in the first place will still exist and could result in the individual returning to old ways in the future.

Rehab is more than just helping the addict to turn his or her back on chemical substances; it is about helping individuals to develop a substance-free life in the future. With rehab, recovering addicts can learn how to identify the triggers that caused them to turn to drugs and alcohol and will help them to develop the skills required to avoid these triggers in the future.


Featured Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Hertfordshire

There are various types of rehab centres available in Hertfordshire, including inpatient alcohol rehab, luxury alcohol rehab, and private drug rehabs.

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    What Happens after Rehab

    After a programme of drug or alcohol rehab in Hertfordshire, you will probably return home; this is a prospect that scares many people, though. If you have spent up to eight weeks in a residential facility, you will no doubt be nervous about heading back home.

    Many people worry that they will be left to fend for themselves, and are frightened of not being able to deal with the various triggers and temptations. Nevertheless, you will never be alone after your treatment. Speak to your counsellors about what aftercare options they provide and think about joining a fellowship support group where you will always have other recovering addicts to rely on for advice and support. Groups such as AA and NA are often a huge part of maintaining sobriety after rehab, and it is likely your treatment provider will suggest that you get involved with such a group.


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