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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centres in Coventry

Substance abuse is a huge problem right across the UK. In Coventry, the problem may not be as bad as in other areas, but it does exist all the same. In fact, it is estimated that there are almost 14,000 high-risk drinkers in the city. However, what is concerning is the fact that of these high-risk drinkers, only around six per cent are accessing alcohol rehab in Coventry. Here at, we want to change this by putting more people in touch with the services that can help them to get better.

Drug abuse is also another worry for many living in the area. Although in stark contrast to those who are affected by alcoholism, around 46 per cent of drug abusers are already accessing drug rehab in Coventry. It is normal for those with an alcohol problem to find it harder to accept than those with a drug problem. This usually has a lot to do with the fact that alcohol is a legal and socially acceptable substance and that many abusers cannot see the harm in their drinking habits.

Are you a resident of the city in need of help with a substance abuse problem? If so, we want you to know that professional treatment is available. We work with rehab clinics, counsellors, and other treatment providers helping people going through the same kinds of things you are suffering with. They are standing by to work with you whenever you’re ready.

Our mission is to connect you with a treatment provider who can help you. To that end, we have established a 24-hour helpline staffed by trained counsellors ready to take your call. You can also contact us directly through this website if you would prefer. All we ask is that you give us an opportunity to assist you in your effort to overcome substance abuse.

Why People Need Rehab in Coventry

People who have never experienced substance abuse or addiction at any level sometimes wonder why those using addictive substances just cannot stop. What they don’t realise is the damage caused by substance abuse and addiction is often unseen by the user. Under normal circumstances, it would be reasonable to stop using a drug one knows is dangerous to physical and mental health. But the addict can’t see that. The addict’s mind is so influenced by the drugs he or she is taking that he/she cannot see the damage being done.

Another thing to consider is the addictive power of drugs and alcohol. The addict’s body and mind are dependent on whatever substances are being used to the extent that they cannot function normally without those substances. This is why drug abusers and alcoholics go through withdrawal when they stop using. The body is so used to having the chemicals running through it that it has trouble functioning once those chemicals are gone.

The power of addiction is such that withdrawal can easily lead the drug abuser or alcoholic right back to using. The principle is very similar to other kinds of habitual behaviours. For example, someone who habitually washes his/her hands multiple times a day does not tend to think a lot about motivation. He/she simply does it out of force of habit. That habit is hard to break because it is psychologically embedded in the mind of the hand-washer. Drug addiction is very similar.

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Call Now: 0203 553 0324

Call Now: 0203 553 0324

Call Now: 0203 553 0324

How Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Coventry Could Help You

Once again, we want to ask if you are a drug or alcohol abuser in need of help. If so, you need to know that some of the damage caused by substance abuse can be permanent. The longer you wait to get treatment, the more likely you are to suffer some sort of permanent damage. Why take that chance?

Long-term substance abuse can result in permanent damage to:

  • Your Health – Substance abusers and addicts are at a much higher risk of developing cancer, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, and more.
  • Your Mind – A higher risk of mental illness is also associated with substance abuse. Long-term abusers are more prone to depression, anxiety, and psychosis.
  • Your Relationships – Family members and friends suffer right along with the substance abuser. In many cases, relationships can be damaged to a point of being irreparable. Spouses and children are most often affected.
  • Your Finances – Substance abuse costs money. Using drugs or alcohol is an expensive habit that could rob you of financial resources you need for other things. And should you lose your job because you cannot keep up, any financial problems will only be made
  • Your Outlook – Lastly, long-term substance abuse can permanently damage your outlook on life. Even with comprehensive counselling, you may never get back to a place of optimism. That’s not a good way to live.

As previously stated, waiting to get treatment for your drug or alcohol problem only increases the risks of permanent damage. But the opposite is also true. You can reduce your risk by making a decision to access rehab in Coventry right away. And if you are willing to contact us on a 24-hour helpline, treatment could begin in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

Why take the chance of suffering permanent damage when drug and alcohol rehab in Coventry is available? Why not take advantage of those treatment options that will enable you to take back your life and live it as you see fit? You do not have to continue being enslaved to substance abuse.


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There are verious types of rehab centres available in Coventry, including inpatient alcohol rehab, luxury alcohol rehab, and private drug rehabs.

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      Call Now 0203 553 0324

      Call Now 0203 553 0324

    Options for Drug and Alcohol Rehab Coventry

    We are an expert organisation that works closely with rehab providers in all parts of the UK and we can help you by putting you in touch with the one that is most suited to your requirements. We work with private facilities offering residential and outpatient programmes addressing everything from alcohol to illicit drugs to legal highs. We also have access to programmes from the NHS, local counsellors, charities and support groups. If there is a treatment option out there, we can help you access it.

    Helping you requires that we speak to you in person. When you contact us, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your circumstances followed by offering you a list of treatment options. Our goal is to help you choose the treatment programme that gives you the greatest chances of success. In other words, we want to help you find the treatment programme that is right for you. We are standing by whenever you are ready to get started.

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