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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centres in Norwich

Contrary to popular belief, addiction is an illness that can affect anyone. It is not something that only has an impact on a particular type of person or those from a deprived background. In towns and cities across the UK, including Norwich, families are being torn apart by alcohol and drug addiction. No matter where you come from, how old you are, or how much money you have, you can be affected by addiction if you use mood-altering substances such as alcohol and drugs. With substance abuse leading to poor health, premature death, homelessness, poverty, and crime, the need for drug and alcohol rehab in Norwich and beyond has never been more apparent.

Most people are aware that alcohol and illegal drugs can lead to addiction when abused, but did you know that drug rehab in Norwich is also necessary for those who abuse prescription medication? In fact, prescription drug addiction is a growing problem across the country as more and more people become dependent on medication given to them by a GP to treat a genuine medical condition.

Strong painkillers and sedatives are highly effective when it comes to treating chronic pain and sleep disorders, but they carry risks and can be particularly dangerous when abused. Those who take medication prescribed for another person or those who take more of their medication than advised to by a GP are guilty of abuse and could be in danger of developing an addiction.

Helping You Access Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Norwich

It is our mission here at to help as many individuals as we can to access rehab in Norwich or wherever else they may happen to live in the country. If you are struggling with any of the following substances, call us today:

  • Alcohol
  • Illegal drugs (cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, cannabis)
  • Over-the-counter medication (typically those containing codeine)
  • Prescription drugs (strong painkillers, sedatives)
  • Inhalants and solvents
  • Former legal highs (Clockwork Orange, Spice).

We understand that anyone can be affected by addiction no matter where they come from. We also know that the negative stereotyping surrounding this illness can prevent people from coming forward and asking for help.

We want to tell you that there is no shame in needing drug or alcohol rehab in Norwich. Addiction is an illness in the same way that diabetes is an illness. And it is an illness that needs to be treated. The good news is that we can help with that. We are a free referral service, and we offer comprehensive assessments to clients before recommending a suitable provider based on their requirements and circumstances.

Get help for yourself, a friend or loved one.

Call Now: 0203 553 0324

Call Now: 0203 553 0324

Call Now: 0203 553 0324

Overcoming Harm with Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Norwich

If you continue to abuse drugs or alcohol, your life will spiral out of control. It is impossible to abuse these substances without them having a negative effect on various parts of your life, including your health, your relationships, your finances and your prospects.

Your mental and physical health will deteriorate if you refuse to get help. You will be in danger of developing a host of health problems that can include depression, anxiety, liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease, and cancer.

You may find that your loved ones get to the stage where they need to concentrate on their own lives and your relationship subsequently becomes so toxic; to a point where it cannot be repaired. It is the nature of the addict to become selfish and manipulative, and while most family members and friends will put up with this for a while, over the long term, they might decide they have had enough. It is not uncommon for some relationships to completely breakdown because of addiction.

Your work life will inevitably suffer if you carry on with your addictive behaviour. Abuse of drugs and alcohol will cause you to behave in a way that may be unpredictable. You may begin to miss days due to being under the influence of drugs or alcohol or because you are recovering from being intoxicated. Either way, you may be in danger of losing your job if you continue in this vein.

To overcome your addiction and reverse much of the damage it has caused to your life, you should consider drug or alcohol rehab in Norwich; can help.

What Is Rehab in Norwich Like?

There are plenty of options in terms of alcohol and drug rehab in Norwich. From private clinics to NHS-run programmes, there is certainly plenty to choose from. Most treatment programmes are either inpatient- or outpatient-based, but before you can even consider rehab, you will need to think about a detox.

Detoxification is a complicated process but one that is designed to separate the substance abuser from drugs or alcohol. It is necessary for a detox to be carried out before rehab can begin so that the individual’s mind and body have already started the healing process.

During detox, it is common for a variety of withdrawal symptoms to occur. These can range from mild to severe and include things such as mood swings, shaking, sweating, nausea, vomiting, hallucinations and seizures. As there is always a risk of severe symptoms, it is a good idea to detox in a supervised facility.


Featured Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Norwich

There are various types of rehab centres available in Norwich, including inpatient alcohol rehab, luxury alcohol rehab, and private drug rehabs.

Luxury Alcohol Rehab


Private Drug Rehab


Inpatient Rehab


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      Call Now 0203 553 0324

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    Moving on to Rehab

    After detox, rehab programmes can begin and, as previously mentioned, treatment tends to be provided in a residential or outpatient programme. A residential programme is typically offered in a private clinic and programmes tend to last for up to eight weeks, depending on the needs of the individual.

    Shorter programmes are often deemed to be ineffective at treating the complex issues associated with the illness while longer programmes can lead the recovering addict to feel institutionalised and reluctant to return to the real world. Nevertheless, a longer programme of up to twelve weeks may be necessary for those struggling with more than one addiction or those with an addiction and a mental health issue.

    It is our opinion that residential programmes offer the best chance for patients to overcome their problems and maintain their sobriety over the long term. Nonetheless, this type of programme is not suitable for everyone. For those who cannot access inpatient programmes, outpatient alternatives will be found. The difference with this kind of programme is that it is far less intensive and patients must recover while also dealing with their everyday life.

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