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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centres in Scotland

Drug and alcohol abuse are major problems for many people living in Scotland with the number of individuals dying from drug-related deaths on the increase. In fact, in 2014, the number of people in Scotland that died from a drug-related death was 613, which was the highest number ever recorded. Alcohol abuse is also a big problem here, with more than 35,000 alcohol-related hospital admissions in 2014/2015. With such an obvious problem with drugs and alcohol in the country, the need for drug and alcohol rehab in Scotland is more apparent than ever. we understand the issues facing those with addiction problems, and it is our job to ensure that as many people as possible can access the services providing both alcohol and drug rehab in Scotland and other parts of the UK. We do this by supplying information regarding the various organisations operating in each area quickly and effortlessly, as soon as you get in touch.

You may have already started searching for rehab in Scotland without success as there is just so much information to sift through online. If so, then let us assure you that you do not have to spend hours searching for the most suitable treatment provider because we have compiled all the information you need.

Beginning the Recovery Journey

The most important part of recovery is often admitting the problem exists; many addicts practice denial for years because it is easier to do this than to face up to a harsh reality. Nevertheless, once you have come to terms with the fact that drugs or alcohol have become a problem in your life, you will be ready to begin the process of rehabilitation.

Before even attempting rehab, you will more than likely require a programme of detoxification to help you quit the chemical substance to which you are addicted. Many organisations in Scotland provide detox programmes, and we would always advise clients to complete this process in a supervised facility.

The reason for this is that detoxing from substances such as alcohol or drugs can be complicated. Most recovering addicts will experience some withdrawal symptoms, which can be mild to severe. Although rare, some symptoms can be life-threatening, so the need for medical supervision is crucial.

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Is Detox with No Rehab Possible?

After detox, the process of rehabilitation will begin. Many people are of the opinion that they are cured upon completing detox, particularly if they are feeling good and are not craving the alcohol or drugs that they have been relying on for many years.

It is important to be aware that no matter how good you are feeling once detox has finished, you are unlikely to feel this way forever. Mood swings are a common occurrence during addiction recovery, and while you may be feeling on top of the world today, you could be in the depths of depression tomorrow. This is completely normal.

It is also important to remember that there is no cure for addiction. It is a progressive illness that can be treated and managed, but at this moment in time, there is no cure. That is why it is so important for those who complete detoxification to move on to a programme of rehabilitation. Detoxification is not the same as treatment; it is designed to help with the physical side effects of addiction but does nothing to tackle the psychological issues. That is what rehab is for.

Accessing Drug and Alcohol Rehab

If you live north of the border and need help for addiction, you can contact us here at We work alongside many providers of rehab in Scotland, and these include private clinics, charity organisations, local support groups and the NHS.

We understand the difficulties that those with addiction face when it comes to accessing rehab, but that is why we exist. It is our mission to connect those that need help for addiction with those that provide it. Our service is free and completely confidential, so anything we discuss will not be shared with a third party without your consent.

By getting in touch with, your journey to recovery can begin immediately. We will provide an in-depth assessment of your illness to give you a clearer picture of what you are dealing with. During this assessment, we will ask questions about your past and current substance abuse, your general health, your personal commitments and your finances. This information will allow us to match you with the most suitable provider based on your needs and circumstances.


Featured Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Scotland

There are various types of rehab centres available in Scotland, including inpatient alcohol rehab, luxury alcohol rehab, and private drug rehabs.

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Luxury Alcohol Rehab


alcohol rehab scotland
Private Drug Rehab


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Inpatient Rehab


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    What to Expect from Alcohol Rehab in Scotland?

    One of the biggest concerns that clients often have when it comes to drug rehab is what it is going to be like. There are a number of options in terms of rehab in Scotland, including residential programmes and outpatient programmes.

    The type of treatment we recommend will be based on your individual situation. For example, we may advise a treatment of residential care if you have a very severe addiction or if you have unsuccessfully tried to quit with an outpatient programme in the past.

    If we believe that you would benefit from an outpatient programme because your drug addiction is not so severe and you have a strong and stable network of support at home, then we will find a suitable provider for you.

    Whether you are attending an inpatient or outpatient programme, you can expect to receive similar treatments. The organisations we work with believe that each patient should be treated as an individual because they know that no single treatment works for everyone.

    You can expect a tailored treatment programme that will include elements of cognitive behavioural therapy, contingency management, individual counselling, 12-step work, group therapy, family therapy and holistic treatments. Rehab providers all over the UK tend to adopt a person-centred approach where they will treat more than just the addiction; they will focus on treating the mind, body and spirit to ensure a successful long-term recovery.

    For more information regarding alcohol and drug rehab in Scotland, contact us today.


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