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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centres in Durham

Drugs and alcohol are mood-altering substances that many people use to make themselves feel good. However, both substances are prone to abuse and are highly addictive. Those who abuse drugs and alcohol are in danger of developing various mental and physical health problems and could even be putting their lives at risk. Substance abuse occurs in all areas of the UK, but in Durham, the cost of alcohol abuse alone is estimated to be around £220 million per year. With alcohol responsible for a large number of violent and sexual crimes, as well as a huge proportion of hospital admissions every week, it is necessary that alcohol rehab in Durham is something that is easy to find and even easier to access. It is our job here at Recovery.org.uk to make this a reality.

We take our role seriously and work hard to help those affected by substance abuse and addiction with the passionate and dedicated individuals who treat these illnesses. Our mission is to ensure that no matter what your circumstances or needs, you will be able to find alcohol or drug rehab in Durham and other parts of the UK with minimum fuss and hassle.

We know how hard it can be to have to sift through the mountains of useless information available online to get to what you are looking for, so we have taken undertaken that job for you. You do not have to spend hours searching for an appropriate rehab clinic in your area – simply call us here, and we can access the information you need in minutes.

Do You Want to Access Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Durham?

Many of our clients come to us because they have been badgered into it by concerned loved ones. It is often the case that they only get in touch to please someone they love. Others do it because they think they can prove a point. We do not know where you stand, but if you are here today reading this article, we can only surmise that you are affected by drug or alcohol addiction either directly or indirectly.

What we can tell you is that it is very unlikely that a friend or family member would even raise the issue with you if you were not displaying worrying signs. It is often the case that those affected by addiction are the last ones to know or realise. They will almost certainly be the last ones to admit it.

We want you to know that no matter what the reason for your visit today, we can help. If you are inquiring for yourself or a loved one, you can be sure that we will listen carefully to whatever you have to say and we will answer any queries you have in a non-judgemental and confidential manner. There is nothing you can tell us that we have not heard before and we will never divulge anything you say to a third party. No one will know that you have been in touch with us unless you tell us.

If you are ready to get better and want to know more about rehab in Durham, call us today, and we can discuss your situation.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab – Why You Have to Begin with Detox

When it comes to long-term abusers of substances such as alcohol and drugs, a detox is usually necessary. Many clients wonder whether they can simply enter a rehab facility and go through the process of withdrawal while receiving their treatment for addiction.

This would never be recommended because detoxing from drugs and alcohol is a complicated process and one that may leave you feeling quite unwell. It is not uncommon for those withdrawing from chemical substances to experience a range of symptoms that can include nausea, tremors, sweating, mood swings and headaches. Some people say the symptoms are similar to flu symptoms and can leave the patient feeling very ill. It is important to have a clear mind when you are about to begin your rehabilitation treatment, so detox always takes place before rehab starts.

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Call Now: 0203 553 0324

Call Now: 0203 553 0324

Call Now: 0203 553 0324

What Is Rehab in Durham Like

After your detox has been completed, you will be ready to get started with your rehab treatment, and this will involve psychotherapy treatments. While the aim of detox is to allow your body to purge itself of the physical aspects of your illness, psychotherapy treatments are designed to address your mind and emotions. Various treatments including individual counselling, group therapy and 12-step work will form the basis of your treatment, but you will probably also be treated with CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). But what is CBT?

CBT was originally used to treat mental health problems, but in recent times it has been successfully used in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. The main difference between CBT and other types of treatment is the fact that it is goal-orientated and the patient is always working towards a conclusion.

When patient and counsellor meet for their first CBT session, the patient will create a list of goals that he or she will want to achieve before the end of their programme. Some goals may be achieved in one session while others may take a couple. The idea behind CBT for addiction treatment is that it helps the recovering addict to identify the negative behaviours that have led to the addiction and gives them an understanding of how these can be replaced with positive thoughts and actions going forward.


Featured Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Durham

There are various types of rehab centres available in Durham, including inpatient alcohol rehab, luxury alcohol rehab, and private drug rehabs.

Luxury Alcohol Rehab


Private Drug Rehab


Inpatient Rehab


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    What Happens after Rehab?

    The recovery process does not end with the completion of a rehabilitation programme. In fact, aftercare is a crucial part of the process and the stage that will help the recovering addict to maintain his or her sobriety going forward. Support at home is very important, but it is also important that the individual can access support from others with experience of addiction and recovery.

    As well as regular contact with a counsellor or therapist, you can access a network of support by joining a local fellowship support group. These groups include Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous and are an essential part of the recovery process for many people.

    For more information on drug or alcohol rehab in Durham, call our 24-hour helpline now.


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