Alcohol Rehab Cost: Effect on Treatment Quality

There are a number of barriers to recovery from addictions such as alcoholism, with denial being the most common. However, alcohol rehab cost is another sticking point for a number of people. The price of rehabilitation treatment in a residential facility can be enough to prevent some individuals from reaching out for help. These people believe that they will be unable to overcome their illness as they cannot afford to pay for treatment.

However, it is important to note that not all rehabilitation treatment programmes are expensive. While some of the luxury private clinics can be costly, there are many other options for those who do not have access to large sums of money.

Financial Concerns

Many affected individuals assume that rehabilitation is not for them because they cannot afford it. The reality is that many charity organisations offer residential places for those with addiction, as well as a number of NHS-funded programmes.

Those with access to funds may consider a luxury private clinic because there are often no waiting times, and they want to recover in as comfortable surroundings as possible. Some people can afford private treatment but do not want to part with their hard-earned cash. If this is a concern for you, we would ask you to consider the money you will save by getting better.

If you have been dealing with an alcohol addiction, then you have probably been spending a lot of your money on alcohol. Think about how much you typically spend on alcohol in a week. Then multiply that by fifty-two to get a rough idea of what you spend every year.

If you do not get treatment for your addiction now, it is likely that the amount you spend on alcohol will rise substantially. Alcoholism is a progressive illness, so the longer you abuse alcohol, the more of it you will need to achieve the desired effects.

Other Costs Associated with Alcoholism

It is not just the money spent on alcohol that you need to consider. It is likely that your addiction is costing you in other ways too. Have you damaged items in the home while under the influence of alcohol, or have you had to pay legal fees because of things you did while drunk?

You should also think about the money you have lost through missing shifts at work or any promotions you missed out on because of the effect your addiction has had on your performance at work. Have you missed payments on your mortgage and have you been charged with fees for late or missed payments? If so, all of this needs to be taken into account when you are considering the cost of your addiction versus the alcohol rehab cost.

The Benefits of Alcohol Rehab

While you may think it is expensive to pay for alcohol rehab, if you consider the cost of not getting treatment, you can see it is a no-brainer. Private residential treatment for alcoholism may be expensive, but it is the quickest and most intensive way for you to get sober and stay sober.

Once you do get clean and are back living in the sober world again, you can start to get your life back on track. You will quickly make up the money you have spent on treatment as you will no longer be spending it on alcohol and the other related costs.

Your work performance will improve, and you may find that a promotion with a higher income is on the cards. Alcohol rehab means you will have another shot at life, and you can learn from past mistakes and move on.

Finding the Right Treatment Provider

If you are still concerned about the alcohol rehab cost, let us help you. We work with many providers around the UK as well as some private clinics overseas. We can assess your situation, and we will take your budget into account when recommending a suitable provider for your requirements.

You may find that treatment abroad is something you are interested in. Many treatment providers in places like Thailand, for example, offer superb rehab programmes in luxurious surroundings at a fraction of the cost of treatment here in the UK. Even when you take the cost of flights and transfers into account, you could find that it is still a lot cheaper than the equivalent package in the UK.

Another benefit to treatment abroad is the fact that it gives the patient the chance to get away from the pressure of everyday life to a facility where they can recover in peace and tranquillity. For many, it is like a holiday at an all-inclusive resort but without the alcohol.

It is also worth considering outpatient treatment if the alcohol rehab cost for residential treatment is too high. Since there is no overnight stay in an outpatient programme, the cost is cheaper. Patients attending outpatient programmes will attend the clinic regularly – daily or weekly over a longer period of time.

We Can Help

Here at, we have an extensive database of details and information on the various treatment options and providers hat work hard in all areas of the UK. We understand that alcohol rehab cost is a major issue for some people, and we believe that cost should never be a barrier to rehabilitation.

We work with various organisations that accept government funding, and we can help you by providing you with the relevant information to enable you to access the most appropriate care provider for your needs.

We have taken care of the hard work for you, and the good news is that our service is completely free. All you have to do is call us today for advice and information on how to access the treatments you need to help you overcome your illness.

As soon as you make the call, we can provide you with an assessment and a free, no-obligation referral to a treatment provider where you can get the help you need to conquer your addiction once and for all.

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