Alcoholism Recovery via Private Alcohol Rehab

Alcoholism is a progressive illness, and those affected need help to overcome this addiction. Without professional help, alcoholism will continue to get worse, and it will affect not only the person’s mental and physical health but also other areas of their lives such as relationships and finances. Private alcohol rehab is often the preferred choice for those with alcoholism, but before a person can even think about what kind of facility to choose for treatment, it will be necessary for him or her to come to terms with the fact that he/she is indeed addicted to alcohol.

How Denial Affects Recovery

Although alcoholism is often something that family members and friends can clearly see, the person with the illness may be unable to recognise the signs in him/herself. Those with illnesses such as alcoholism often find it is easier to deny they have a problem than to face up to the reality that their addiction is having a negative impact on their life and the lives of those around them.

Those who practice denial will continue with their addictive behaviour because it means they do not have to accept the harsh reality and what it will mean for them. Some are terrified of what sober life will mean, believing that they will be unable to live without alcohol. Others are scared that recovery will be too painful or that sober life will be boring. For whatever reason they are practising denial, it can have a detrimental effect on their lives and can prevent them from moving forward into recovery.

Choosing Recovery

Once an individual with alcoholism can learn to accept that their addiction is harming his/her life, this person will be able to reach out for help. This can come as a huge relief to the alcoholic and their loved ones. Only when the person is finally able to accept themselves as an alcoholic, can he or she begin to move on and make the necessary changes required for sober living.

The good news is that there are plenty of options when it comes to rehabilitation treatments. Most experts believe that private alcohol rehab is the ideal choice for those who have been abusing alcohol for a long time.

Private alcohol rehab means recovering in a comfortable and safe environment where there are no distractions from day-to-day life. Private facilities are typically decorated to the highest standards and the care provided is first-class. Patients are often given private en suite rooms, and there will be other shared spaces where recovering addicts are encouraged to interact and help each other through the process.

Who Will Benefit from Private Alcohol Rehab

Private alcohol rehab usually means inpatient treatment in peaceful and quiet surroundings. The environment is comfortable and relaxing, meaning that patients will feel at home and will be able to fully concentrate on their recovery. Patients will have access to support and care around the clock from fully trained professionals and support staff.

Private alcohol rehab is suitable for those with severe alcohol addictions who need an intensive approach to recovery to give them a head start. It is also recommended for those who have tried rehab in the past and suffered a relapse.

This type of care is also suited to those who have a stressful environment at home or those who work in safety-sensitive jobs. A safety-sensitive job would include being a truck driver, pilot, nurse, doctor, or someone who operates heavy machinery. Recovering alcoholics in these positions could put themselves and the public at risk if they were to suffer a relapse.

Private Alcohol Rehab Abroad is a free referral service, and we work with many of the top treatment providers in the UK. However, we also work with specialist treatment centres abroad and can provide referrals to these facilities should the addicted individual wish.

Many people opt for rehabilitation treatment abroad because they like the idea of going somewhere far away from their everyday life to focus on their recovery. Treatment abroad is not for everyone, but some people would prefer to head off to sunnier climes where they can rest and concentrate on their recovery in a tropical location.

One of the many benefits of heading abroad for addiction treatment is that the private alcohol rehab facilities in many foreign countries are much cheaper than an equivalent programme of care here in the UK. There are also some options for recovery abroad that are simply not available here in the UK. Private alcohol rehab facilities abroad tend to be very luxurious – akin to staying in a five-star resort but without any alcohol.

Some people also like the idea of going abroad because of the anonymity it provides them with. Those who would prefer if nobody knew they were going for rehabilitation treatment for an addiction might like the idea of travelling abroad and telling friends and colleagues that they are simply going for a long holiday.

How Long Is a Private Rehab Programme?

If you are an affected individual and have decided that a private alcohol rehab is ideal for your situation, you may be wondering how long your programme will last. This will vary from one facility to the next, but in general, inpatient treatment programmes last for between four to six weeks. Programmes that are shorter than this tend to be less effective; if they are longer, there is the risk of the patient becoming institutionalised and afraid to return to the real world.

Nevertheless, there are exceptions; those who are suffering from a dual diagnosis may be required to stay in the clinic for longer than six weeks, and if a programme includes detoxification before rehabilitation, the stay may be closer to eight weeks.

Those who complete a programme of treatment in a private alcohol rehab facility may be encouraged to attend a number of outpatient sessions with a counsellor or therapist as well as joining a fellowship support programme. Rehabilitation is just the beginning for those who want to overcome alcoholism. In order to maintain sobriety, you will have to work hard for the rest of your life.

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