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Overcoming a drug addiction starts with the person in question being able to accept a diagnosis of addiction and having the desire to make a change to his or her life. It will then be necessary for him or her to quit taking drugs. While it may be possible to do this alone, the cravings that occur generally make it very difficult for drug addicts to kick the habit without help. Private drug detox is typically necessary for those who want to begin the process of drug recovery.

What Is Detox?

Illegal and prescription drugs are chemical substances that are commonly abused to the point where the user develops a physical dependence. Every time the person takes this chemical substance, his or her body will try to resist the effects.

However, after a while, the body will begin to change and adapt to the presence of this chemical. This is called building up a tolerance. When the body becomes tolerant to the effects of a drug, the person taking the drugs may notice that he or she is not experiencing the same effects as before. This often results in the individual taking more of the drugs, which the body must again try to resist.

As this cycle continues, the person begins to develop a physical dependence on the drug, and it will soon start to crave it continuously. Whenever the effects of the drug wear off, the person will experience intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms that can include nausea, vomiting, headaches, mood swings, sweating and shaking.

Detox is the process of quitting the chemical substance to which the person has become addicted. When the supply of drugs is cut off completely, the body may react by overcompensating will trying to get back to normal. This will result in a variety of withdrawal symptoms, and these could end up being mild or they could be severe. When it comes to detox from a chemical substance, there is always the risk of complications, which is why most experts agree that drug addicts should detox under careful supervision from a medical professional.

Opting for Private Drug Detox

It is dangerous to simply stop taking drugs on your own if you have been abusing them for many years. To prevent the most severe symptoms and to ensure your safety and comfort at all times, you may wish to consider private drug detox.

Detox from drugs can be a stressful and unpleasant experience, but at a private drug detox, your comfort is always a priority. These private facilities will have dedicated staff who will take care of you throughout your stay. You will be assigned a member of staff whose job it is to make sure that the detox is as easy on you as possible. Your every need will be catered to, and you will probably find that the process is much less painful than you expected.

For many addicts, detox is the worst part of the process of recovery – and the one that they fear the most. However, with private drug detox, this does not have to be as bad as you fear. In a private drug detox facility, medical professionals may be able to prescribe medication or a course of multivitamin treatment that will help lessen the severity of the withdrawal symptoms.

What to Expect During Drug Detox

There is no doubting the fact that detoxing from drugs can be complicated. The actual detox will vary from person to person and will depend on a number of factors including the length of time the person has been abusing drugs and the particular drug that was being abused.

In most cases, some type of withdrawal symptom will occur. Some individuals will only experience one or two mild symptoms, but others will experience many, with some being quite severe. Thankfully, the worst symptoms can usually be headed off with the right care and support.

In general, drug detox lasts for a few days to a couple of weeks. Symptoms usually begin to appear within a day or two of last taking the substance in question and will peak within 2-4 days before subsiding. Some will have lingering symptoms that will last for a number of months. These can include intense cravings for the drug as well as sleep problems. The good news though is that most of the symptoms will subside within a couple of weeks.

Drug Detox and Rehabilitation

Many recovering drug addicts will look for a private drug detox facility that also offers a rehabilitation programme. Although some detox facilities focus only on the process of detoxification, many rehab clinics combine detox and rehab programmes so that the patient does not have to move from one facility to another for different aspects of treatment and recovery.

The benefit of choosing a clinic that offers both detox and rehabilitation is the fact that the care of the patient will be handled by one team. Professionals at the facility will be able to fully liaise with each other regarding the care, and should there be any issues with either the detox or the rehabilitation programmes, the staff are on hand to discuss it with each other and work out the best course of action. There is no need to be waiting around for staff from another facility to return a phone call or answer an email. The care will be seamless.

Choosing a Private Drug Detox Facility

If you have finally made the decision to get help for a drug addiction, first let us say well done. We understand what a monumental decision this has been, and we know that you have a significant journey ahead of you now.

But rest assured this journey can be made much easier with private drug detox. We understand the importance of being comfortable and feeling safe when detoxing from drugs. If patients know that there are staff on hand who are ready to react and have experience of dealing with emergency situations, they can relax in the knowledge that their health and wellbeing is a priority; this can often make the process of detoxification much simpler.

For help with choosing a private drug detox facility, contact us here at We work with organisations around the country and can provide you with information about the various detox programmes available in your area.

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