Drug Rehab Abroad: How to Choose

The cost of rehabilitation is often enough to put some people off when it comes to asking for help for addiction. However, drug rehab abroad can be something worth considering if you or someone you love is struggling to cope with a crippling drug addiction.

Not only is drug rehab abroad cheaper but it can also mean more treatment options that are simply not available here in the UK. Many people today travel abroad for various cosmetic treatments, and now those with addiction problems are following suit.

Advantages of Drug Rehab Abroad

There are many reasons travelling abroad for drug treatment makes sense. One of the biggest benefits is that there are some treatment facilities in foreign countries with unique and truly specialised programmes that are not available in the UK. This means that those who want to overcome a drug addiction may be able to avail of superb programmes using innovative treatments.

Drug rehab abroad tends to be far less expensive than it is here in the UK. While private luxury treatment in the United Kingdom can be hugely expensive, a comparable facility abroad would come in at a fraction of the cost and mean that even those on a modest income could afford treatment in a luxury clinic.

With the stigma that still surrounds addiction, and particularly drug addiction, it may be the case that some people do not want anyone to know they are having treatment. Travelling abroad for drug rehab is an excellent way to stay anonymous. In most drug rehab facilities in foreign climes, patients do not even have to give their real name, so protecting one’s anonymity is much easier with drug rehab abroad.

Many drug clinics in foreign countries are located in tropical and exotic locations – think Thailand, Indonesia and South Africa, for example. Travelling to these locations means the recovering addict will have a chance to recover in luxury while also enjoying the beautiful weather and stunning scenery.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of drug rehab abroad for some is the fact that they are so far away from everyday life they can really focus on their recovery without any pressure or stress from home. While being away from family members and friends may be hard for some people, for others it is helpful as it means there is nothing at all to distract them.

Is Drug Rehab Abroad for You?

The idea of rehabilitation for a drug addiction in a foreign country might be instantly appealing to you, or the thoughts of it could fill you with dread. While some individuals like the sound of a luxury facility in a tropical location, others might have some concerns about travelling so far from home during what will inevitably be one of the toughest periods of their lives.

It is understandable to have some concerns about drug rehab abroad, but many of these fears have no real merit. For example, those worrying that the service they will receive in a foreign country may not be as good as what they receive here should not fret. Just because the programme is less expensive does not mean that it will not be as good. In fact, many drug rehab clinics abroad have excellent reputations for offering first class service to patients.

There are also fears about cultural differences abroad. The truth is that these cultural differences are always going to be present in foreign countries, just as they are when you travel abroad for a holiday, but this does not stop people from travelling. And there is no need to worry about language barriers because in most foreign clinics the staff will speak English.

While the cost of drug rehab abroad is much cheaper than a comparable facility here in the UK, many people are worried that the price of flights and transfers will make the savings negligible. Nevertheless, the reality is that even with flights and transfers, the cost of drug rehab abroad can still be significantly lower than the price you would pay in the UK for a clinic of the same standard.

Making the Choice to Travel Abroad for Treatment

It is important that you take many factors into consideration when deciding whether to travel abroad for treatment for your drug addiction. Many people find that getting away from it all is immensely helpful and discover that the laidback and tranquil atmosphere in foreign drug rehab facilities to be conducive to a restful and relaxing recovery. Others find that being so far from home can put them on edge and make them feel stressed.

You need to think about the journey to the facility as well. It might be a good idea to get someone to travel with you because, at this stage of your journey, your sobriety is likely to be very shaky. Even if you have completed a programme of detoxification here in the UK before travelling, there is a good chance you could relapse in the airport if you are travelling alone. This is especially true if you are anxious about flying.

An Informed Choice

If you like the idea of drug rehab abroad but still have a number of concerns, it is a good idea to get advice from professional staff. Here at Recovery.org.uk, we work with a number of drug rehabilitation facilities overseas, so we can help you find the most suitable one for your needs.

We can help to allay any fears you may have and can provide you with information about the various facilities and the programmes they offer. We want to make sure that clients are completely comfortable with their choice of rehab facility and that they have all the details they need to make an informed decision regarding their care.

Drug rehab abroad can be a superb option for many, but you need to be completely comfortable with your decision if you really want to have a successful outcome. Let us help by providing you with further information regarding various clinics abroad; call us today.

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