How Do Drug Rehab Centres Actually Help

Overcoming addiction is difficult at any time, but for many affected individuals, the most difficult part is actually admitting that the problem exists. There are many drug rehab centres around the UK and overseas where those with drug addictions can access the treatments necessary to help them conquer this destructive illness. However, unless they are ready to accept that they have a problem and are willing to make changes to their behaviour and their lives, these drug rehab centres are a waste of time.

The Denial Problem

Denial often exists for those who have an addiction, just as it does for those with other illnesses. Many of those diagnosed with cancer will practice denial. They will be too scared to face up to the reality of their situation, which may prevent them from dealing with the issue of treatment or telling their family members about the diagnosis. It is not because they are stubborn; it is merely that their mind and body are protecting them from the harsh reality of their situation.

The same can often be said for those with addiction. For many, it is the fear of detox or treatment that prevents them from accepting that they have a problem. Many think they will face pain and suffering if they decide to get treatment in one of the many drug rehab centres around the country. Some are afraid of what their life will be like if drugs are removed from the picture; will it be boring?

The Stereotypical Drug Addict

Other drug addicts cannot see themselves as just that because they do not fit with the image they have in their mind of what a drug addict actually is. They may have this picture because of characters seen portrayed on television screens or in the movies.

In their mind, someone with a drug addiction is unemployed, has ties to criminal gangs, may have spent time in prison, and will be living on the streets. The truth is that many individuals with a drug addiction do not fit that profile. Nevertheless, the danger of stereotyping means that many people who do suffer from this illness fail to get the help they need. They are unable to see themselves for what they are and do not believe that drug rehab centres are something they require.

How Drug Rehab Centres Help

The thing about drug addiction is that it is an illness that requires treatment. As with all addictions, a drug addiction will not go away by itself. It is not like other illnesses that will make its way out of your system if you do nothing; the reason being that the person will always be compelled to take drugs. In most cases, abstaining from drugs is something that the addict has no control over. He or she will continue to take this harmful substance, even when doing so is causing many adverse consequences.

A progressive illness such as drug addiction will worsen over time if it is left untreated. It is necessary for those who suffer from this illness to reach out for help if they want to overcome it. The good news is that there is a host of drug rehab centres where those with all types of addiction can access the treatment they need.

Here at, we understand that drug addiction is a complex illness that affects every individual in a different way. We know that each patient we deal with will require an individual treatment plan to ensure that he or she gets the most from treatment. Thankfully, the organisations that we deal with feel the same way.

We work with drug rehab centres in the private and public sectors because we know that everyone’s circumstances are different. While every affected person might like private treatment, not everyone can afford it. And it may not be suitable for everybody, either; there are those who may have the money to pay for treatment in one of the many private drug rehab centres, but their circumstances will not permit it.

Suitable Referrals

It is our aim to ensure that as many individuals as possible can access treatments for illnesses like drug addiction. We know that drug addiction comes in many forms. There are those who are addicted to illegal recreational drugs such as heroin or cocaine and then there are those who have developed a physical dependence on strong medication prescribed by their doctor. While these addictions may be different, one thing they have in common is the negative effect they have on those with the problem and their loved ones.

Here at, we will look closely at your situation to ensure that we know everything we can before making a referral. We will provide a fully comprehensive assessment of your situation by asking a series of questions about your current and past drug use, family history, budget, and personal commitments. From the information you provide, we will be able to ensure that we refer you to suitable rehab centres where we believe you will receive the most appropriate care.

We will never choose a facility based on the cost. We will look at your situation and will take your preferences into account when choosing various centres. We will provide you with a number of options, and then the final decision will be yours. We will offer you help and support but will never pressure you into making any decision. If you need guidance, our counsellors and therapists are here to help.

The Importance of Getting Drug Treatment

Overcoming drug addiction is difficult. There is no denying that this will be a tough time in your life, but the alternative is a life that will continue to spiral out of control. If you do not get treatment now, you will continue with your addictive behaviour, and this will worsen over time.

You will continue to take drugs in larger doses, putting your health and even your life at risk. We know that getting treatment is necessary, but we also know that getting the right treatment is vital. The drug rehab centres we work with will create a plan of care tailored to your specific needs and circumstances so that you can get the most from your treatment. This will vastly improve your chances of long-term success.

For more information on overcoming addiction and the various drug rehab centres we work with, call us here on our helpline today.

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