The Benefits of a Drug Rehab Programme

To overcome a drug addiction, it is usually necessary to access drug rehab programmes. Although it may be possible for some people to give up drugs alone, it is rare. Once a person has developed a physical dependence on drugs, he or she will be compelled to take them. The strong cravings and urges cannot be ignored, and most drug addicts will succumb even if they do not want to.

No matter how many promises addicted individuals make to family members and friends that they are going to stop taking drugs, once the cravings come, there is little the person can do to resist. Quitting may sound simple enough for those with no experience of addiction, but for those with the illness, quitting might seem impossible.

What to Expect from Drug Rehab Programmes?

If you have made the huge decision to get help for your addiction and have enrolled in a drug rehab programme, you could be thinking about what lies ahead. Substance addictions often require detoxification in the first instance.

Detoxification, or detox, is the first step in the process of drug addiction recovery, but it is not the same as treatment. Those who want to quit drugs will first have to stop taking the substance to which he or she is addicted. They will then have to wait until all traces of the drug have left their system before their mind will be clear enough to handle the process of rehabilitation.

Many drug rehab programmes include detox as a first step. Nevertheless, this is often the thing that prevents most drug addicts from reaching out for help. They are fearful of what detox will be like because they have heard so many horror stories. Lots of these stories will have come from drug-taking friends who do not like the idea of the affected person getting better. They may embellish the stories or exaggerate what drug detox is actually like in order to prevent their friends from getting help.

The truth is that drug detox does not have to be a painful experience. It will not be a walk in the park, but it can be made a more comfortable experience by professional staff in a supervised facility. While most people who have become dependent on a chemical substance will experience some kind of withdrawal symptoms as their body tries to right itself once more, the symptoms can be lessened with appropriate care. Drug rehab programmes are designed to make the patient safe and comfortable at all times, and that includes during detox.


Rehabilitation follows detox; once the patient has waited for the drug to be eliminated from his or her body, rehab can begin. In most drug rehab programmes, treatments will include elements of one-to-one counselling, group therapy, 12-step work, contingency management, cognitive behavioural therapy, and motivational interviewing.

Whether you opt for residential or outpatient treatment, you can expect to be given some of the above treatments, which are designed to help identify the cause of the illness as well as how to live without the crutch of drugs going forward.

Drug rehab programmes in a private facility may also include alternative therapies designed to treat the patient as a whole and not just the illness. These can include yoga, acupuncture, equine therapy, art therapy, and meditation. Most of the facilities we work with believe that a patient-centred approach offers the best chance of long-term success in terms of recovery.

Your Options

You have many choices when it comes to drug rehab programmes. It is our mission to help those with addiction to access treatments. We understand how difficult it can be to find the right treatment provider for addiction.

With so much information available online regarding the various centres around the country, it can be a monumental task to sift through it all. Thankfully, we have already done this; we have created a massive database of drug rehab programmes, both here in the UK and abroad. We continually update this database to ensure that we are always providing patients with the most relevant information in terms of the treatments available for their illness.

We can provide you with information about drug rehab programmes both in the private and public sector. We understand that everyone is different, and how they are affected by addiction will also differ. We know that what works for one patient may not work for another, and for that reason, we will ensure that we get as much information as we can from you before we make a referral.

How We Help exists to make sure that everyone who needs help for addiction can access treatments easily and effortlessly. We offer a free referral service to those with addiction and we work closely with family members and friends too.

We know how difficult it can be to get a loved one to recognise that he or she needs help for addiction, so in many cases, we offer advice and information to family members in terms of the treatments available and how to access them. We can also provide advice regarding interventions; the process of getting a loved one to accept that addiction is a problem. If you wish, we can put you in touch with a professional facilitator who will take care of arranging an intervention for you. Call us today for more advice regarding interventions.

Making a Commitment

To overcome addiction, it is necessary to fully commit to the programme. Drug rehab programmes are excellent in terms of providing you with the help you need to get better, but how you use the programme is vital to your success.

While the professional staff who work in these clinics are dedicated and passionate about their work, they cannot recover for you. They can provide you with care and support throughout the process and will be there for you when you need them, but you must be ready to take responsibility for your own recovery. This is the only way you can be sure of getting sober and staying sober in the long-term.

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