Knowing about Codeine Addiction Treatment

Although codeine is a legally available substance and is prescribed by doctors for the treatment of pain, it is a mood-altering, highly addictive substance that can lead to addiction. Most people are of the opinion that medication prescribed by a doctor must be safe, so often think nothing of taking more of it than advised. Some even take codeine that has been prescribed for others assuming that if it is safe for one person, then it must be safe for all. This is not the case. Doctors undergo years of medical training and know the risks associated with each individual. They will adjust dosages depending on varying circumstances, and they will know what medications will suit one person and what ones will not. They are aware of the fact that codeine causes addiction and will therefore only prescribe this medication over a short period of time. For those who do abuse codeine, the chances of addiction are high. This is why codeine addiction treatment has become so important.

How Do Some Become Addicted to Codeine?

It is hard for some people to imagine becoming addicted to the pills their doctor has prescribed them. Surely if they are taking them exactly as described then there is no risk involved? Unfortunately, this is not the case. Taking codeine over an extended period increases the risk of addiction; some people will become addicted to codeine fairly quickly.

The truth is that some individuals are simply more prone to addiction than others are. There is no one single cause for addiction, but there are a number of factors that increase a person’s risk, including a family history of addiction, mental health issues, early exposure to drugs, and traumatic experiences.

Codeine addiction starts when an individual’s tolerance for the drug increases. This means that he or she no longer get the relief that they once did when taking their medication. Their body has adapted to the drug, meaning that the person needs it more often and/or in higher doses to feel the effects they desire.

With an increased tolerance comes the temptation to take more of the drug and, in doing so, a physical dependence often occurs. At this point, the individual could begin to experience withdrawal symptoms when not taking the drug. This leads to changes in personality and behaviour. Many codeine addicts will crave the drug and will actively seek it out. Some will turn to alternative substances such as heroin if they cannot source codeine.

The Importance of Codeine Addiction Treatment

It is vital that those with a dependence on codeine get the help they need to overcome this addiction before they are tempted to buy dangerous versions online or before turning to illegal street drugs. Many people who end up with devastating heroin addictions began by taking some form of prescription medication for a legitimate health condition.

Codeine addiction treatment exists for those who have developed a dependency on the substance. In many instances, codeine addicts are unaware of their condition until their prescription finishes, and they begin to feel a desperate need for the drug.

If you are in such a position and feel anxious or desperate now that you no longer have your regular supply of codeine, contact us here at immediately; we will offer you advice and information on the steps you can take to avoid any unpleasantness.

Accessing Addiction Treatment

Many people who have realised they may have a problem with codeine are embarrassed or ashamed. Others are in denial because they cannot comprehend how they could have developed an addiction to a medication they were advised to take by their doctor.

They assume that addiction treatment is only available to those who have developed addictions to substances such as alcohol or illegal drugs. The reality is that it is possible to become addicted to almost anything, and there is a growing number of people all over the world who are addicted to substances such as codeine. Many of these individuals are getting the help they need to overcome an addiction they never thought they would have – and you can too.

Accessing codeine addiction treatment does not have to be difficult. You might have no clue about addiction and how to obtain help for it, but we do. It is our job to make sure that as many people as possible can access suitable treatment providers for their illness. We work hard every single day to ensure more individuals know who we are and how we can help them.

What We Do

We are a referral service offering free advice, assessments and referrals to people just like you every single day. Our job is to provide you with information on your illness and to assess your situation before providing you with details of the various organisations that will be in a position to meet your needs and your circumstances.

It is our job to listen to you and to offer you practical advice about addiction recovery. We have a team of dedicated counsellors, therapists and support staff all working hard to make it easier for those struggling with addiction to access suitable care.

Do not be embarrassed about your codeine addiction; you are not the first person to develop a physical dependence on prescription medication, and you will certainly not be the last. Embarrassment can become a major obstacle to recovery if you let it. Remember that there is no shame in addiction; it is an illness just as diabetes and cancer are illnesses. You did not choose to become addicted to codeine, but you can choose to get better.

Call today for advice and information on how we can assist you on the next step towards recovery. Delaying treatment will mean your illness will get worse. Addiction is a progressive illness that requires effective treatments such as therapy and counselling sessions. Patients must give up the drug and then learn to live without it.

If you or a loved one requires information or advice regarding a codeine addiction, contact us here at today.

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