Your Options for Legal High Addiction Treatment

Legal highs like Clockwork Orange and Mary Jane can be just as addictive as older drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Addiction is a matter of the mind and body becoming dependent on a drug to the point of not being able to function normally without it. Furthermore, addiction can only be cured through professional treatment. Assuming you or someone you love is using one of these popular drugs, you need to know your options for legal high addiction treatment.

To be clear, professional treatment is rarely a ‘one-and-done’ thing. In other words, your doctor cannot prescribe a drug that will cure you of your addiction in 24 to 36 hours. The roots of addiction run deep. Just like it may have taken weeks or months to become an addict, it will take some time to conquer your addiction completely. This is why we recommend professional treatment at a private rehab clinic.

Our role as a referral service gives us access to private clinics all over the UK. These clinics are the most qualified to offer drug addiction treatment because they are the specialists. But residential treatment is not right for everyone, so we also have access to outpatient and NHS treatments. We can help you find the best one for you or your loved one.

Inpatient, Outpatient, or Home

The first thing to determine is what setting would be appropriate for you. Most of our clients are already thinking outpatient treatment when they call us. Outpatient treatment is conducted at facilities offering day programmes to groups of patients that get treated together. NHS drug treatments are all outpatient programmes. The only time the NHS uses inpatient treatment is in the most extreme cases. But even then, patients are referred to a private residential clinic by the NHS.

Inpatient treatment involves a residential stay at a clinic for 3 to 12 weeks. The residential setting is more conducive to full recovery because patients are not subject to the same environmental conditions that led to their addictions in the first place. Residential treatment offers an optimal environment that is distraction-free and offers plenty of time and space to work through one’s problems.

Home detox conducted by a professional should not be confused with trying to go through detox alone with the use of herbal supplements or natural remedies. Professional home detox is administered by a registered nurse or other medical professional who visits the patient’s home on a daily basis. Home detox requires having a family member or friend willing to provide day-to-day care until treatment is complete.

It should be noted that home detox offers nothing above and beyond drug withdrawal. After that, it is up to the recovering addict to seek out counselling and other support services to deal with the psychological problems associated with drug addiction. Under the outpatient and inpatient scenarios, additional rehab therapies are usually offered as part of the programme.

Options for Detox

Given that complete recovery from legal high addiction will require detox, patients have some options there as well. The first choice is the cold turkey option most of us are familiar with. While cold turkey is not the norm anymore, it still is available to patients who want it. Cold turkey tends to be the most efficient way to complete detox quickly and thoroughly.

The second option is a gradual detox under which the volume of drugs the user takes is gradually reduced to zero. The upside of gradual detox is that withdrawal symptoms tend to be less severe. The downside is that the process can take much longer.

The third kind of detox involves treating the patient with large volumes of vitamins and minerals provided directly through an IV. Although this treatment is relatively new in the UK, it has a strong following in the US. The idea behind it is one of easing withdrawal symptoms and promoting faster healing by providing large volumes of essential nutrients the body needs to do what it naturally does.

Options for Rehab

Upon completion of detox, patients have a choice. They can go no further, or they can participate in rehab therapy. Rehab therapy can last for up to 12 weeks and can include multiple therapies as determined by those running the programme. Therapists have dozens of options at their disposal, each one offering specific kinds of benefits to patients.

We believe rehab therapy is best handled by private clinics with expert therapists on staff. Private clinics are known to develop bespoke treatment plans where the NHS is more apt to steer every patient in the same programme regardless of need.

Bespoke treatment plans are, by design, tailored to the unique circumstances of each patient. They can also be adjusted as needed, increasing the chances of a full and complete recovery. A rehab clinic that does not offer bespoke treatment plans is one that unnecessarily limits the likelihood of success.

Legal High Addiction Treatment Available Locally

You have enough options for legal high addiction treatment to be able to find something appropriate in your local area. If you need help, or you are not sure your problem requires professional treatment, we invite you to contact us for further assistance. Trained counsellors are standing by to answer your questions right now.

We maintain a 24-hour helpline that is both free and confidential. Just one phone call is all it takes to get the kind of help you need for drug addiction. It matters not what substances you use or how long you have been using them; there is a treatment provider out there waiting to help.

Please understand that continuing to use legal high products only increases the risks you face. These drugs are not harmless by any stretch of the imagination. And in many cases, they are more dangerous than the drugs they are meant to replace. If you are using, now is the time to stop. Contact us so we can help you get into a local treatment programme.

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